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A little about REIKI

Hi! It's Kayla! Owner & founder of Divine Revolt. I wanted to do a blog about how & why our products are Reiki-charged & what that entails. REIKI- I'm sure you hear & see that word often. Reiki was developed in the 1920s by Mikao Usui in Japan as a spiritual practice - Don't be fooled, a lot of times people can claim they do Reiki or their products are Reiki-charged. Let me be clear, In order to Reiki-charge a product/ do Reiki; the person doing so would have had to gone through a Reiki Attunement by a Reiki Master Teacher. that requires multiple teachings, certifications, & a lot of work! There are sacred symbols passed down from the channeller and Master of Reiki MIKAO USUI- and those sacred symbols are literally BLOWN into our bodies & hands, which then activate our ability to "heal" & perform Reiki with our hands & bodies. Then we, are just simply being the vessel & letting those above help us ~reiki flow~

Now, this is a very short description of all that goes into Reiki, how it came about, & what is required of us- but I wanted to relay some information to that I have dedicated a lot of time & energy to translate into my products which are Divinely created, with the help of sacred masters, ancestors, and who I call God.

I create my products in a cleansed setting, clear-minded, & channel each ingredient. After being concocted, I then prepare my body & mind to do Reiki on my products, not only for them to be Reiki-charged with this sacred healing, but as I created, I intend for them to do what they are meant to do, in the highest good to whoever my products reach. That is why my products are personal.

I truly hope you feel the love, & enjoy my creations,

xoxo Kayla C. Barone

Founder of Divine Revolt

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