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We all are

Revolt: re·volt /rəˈvōlt/ Rise In Rebellion

Divinely of course. We are here going against the agenda. Living in our purest form, together. I call on our tribe, to connect and heal our lifetimes of trauma, come into who you are, use your Divine power for our spiritual rebellion. Take back our birth right, to know, to heal, to unite in Pure Love.

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Laura F.

“Kayla’s card reading provided so much insight to my current relationships with others and with myself. She was able to reaffirm my need to protect my own energy and the way it can transfer throughout other aspects with my life. She channeled my father who has passed nearly 14 years ago. At the time of the reading, she mentioned he would gift me an emerald. Three months later, my fiancé and I are on our cross country road trip. After leaving a campsite, my fiancé says goodbye to the front office. When he gets back in the car he comes back with some recommendations for the day. The man suggested we go to a specific beach because the water is the most beautiful EMERALD GREEN. I immediately started to cry. My confused and concerned fiancé learned of my reading with Kayla and had chills. We even noticed emerald orbs in photos! I always feel a sense of connection with my father but this felt like the icing on the cake. It was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to know a loved one was still very much so actively present in my life. Thank you Kayla for a fantastic experience .”

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