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Welcome to our realm

          Divine Revolt was formerly known as Divinity2infinity, which was founded when our Creator Kayla had her daughter Theia Divine. She was so inspired by the healing and presence of God she experienced through her daughter that she wanted to give a piece of that to the world. Being a cosmic, angelic channeler she channeled every ingredient in her first creation, the THEIA Oil. Every ingredient came from Source. Every ingredient had a piece of what her daughter had healed in her.

            After that creation Kayla had a line of spiritual wellness products for everything that is so important. Aura cleansing, protection, healing, etc. After a traumatic event Divinity2infinity got put on hold. Kayla had experienced an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in a loss of her baby. She spent days trying to find the lesson and trying to accept this was her contract; what she signed up to experience in this lifetime. This is when received a download; the company as a whole NEEDED to be reset. She tried to ignore it, caring about how it would look to change her business so soon. Then, a voice whispered "Divine Revolt" one morning on the way to a birthday party. It made so much sense because that is what our physical and spiritual realm needs, it needs a Divine Revolt. We need to take back our health, our power, our magic, our right to protect our energy and live as our highest authentic selves.  

           At Divine Revolt, we believe each of our products and services will help individuals get one step closer to being who they are meant to be in this lifetime, with the help of cleansing and protecting our energy which results in how our physical body reacts. Every single purchase you make will be a seamless energetic process from start to finish. Take a look at our site and get in touch with any questions you may have, Blessed be.

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